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Westport Squares Welcomes you!

Because of the most current rules re: Covid 19 rules facemasks will be required

Learn to Dance

We are happy that you are interested in this fun activity that we have a passion for, and we hope eventually you will too. We know that you may have some questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. Please review some basic info below:


  • The first two lessons (Sept 12th and 19th) are free!
  • Starting on Sept 26th the cost is $6 per person, per lesson session. ($3 if under 18).
  • If you wish to prepay for the all the lessons, we offer the opportunity to at a discount, if paid on or by the sept 26th lesson. The package deal is $96 for adults ($48 if under 18). This is a savings of $12!
  • The primary location is Maple Bluff Community Center, 18 Oxford Place, Madison. (Near the railroad track crossing N.Sherman Ave.) Our alternate location (if needed) is the Lakeview Lutheran Church, 4001 Mandrake Road, Madison (off of Northport Dr, just north of the Culvers).
  • Sundays from 7pm – 9pm. Starting on September 12th.
What to expect:
  • Modern Western Square Dance lessons in a friendly safe environment provided by A certified Square Dance caller. Tom Nickel will be your main instructor the group in learning the steps and culture at a gentle pace. Upon completion you will be a “Mainstream” level graduate, and be invited to join our club!
What is Mainstream?:
  • “Mainstream” is a classification or level of Square Dance consisting of about 69 calls. It is a widely used benchmark of skill for clubs.
Lesson Progression:
  • It may seem like a lot of moves or “calls” to learn in the first sessions, but as the lessons progress we spend more time reviewing and practicing the learned calls. Then introduce a couple new calls that build on what has been learned. The pace is set by the group as it progresses.
What if I don’t have a partner?
  • A partner is not required! You may dance with an Angel or other students.
Who are Angels?
  • Angels are what we call club members that will dance with the lesson groups to fill in squares to gently assist with lessons as needed.
What if I miss a lesson?:
  • Lessons are cumulative and the learned material is refreshed each week from the previous weeks' lessons. We will happily work with you to get caught up from a missed lesson.
What to bring:
  • Comfortable shoes, casual clothing, and a positive attitude! You are welcome to bring your own personal water and snacks, bottled water will be available for a small fee.

Any questions? Call Dave at 608-358-8035

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