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Fall Lessons 2023

Middleton Ionic Masonic Lodge, 7409 Franklin Ave
Middleton, WI

Lessons 2023

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"We are back to square dancing"

Lakeview Lutheran Church 4001 Mandrake - Madison, WI
No food will be served. Water is available to be purchased.
Hand sanitizer is available




Picnic August 2020
Dewey and Candy Swalheim Farm

This has been a different year for the Westport Squares and the rest of the world. Because of the nasty Coronavirus which has hit the world, we have canceled all our dances since mid March and will not dance again until possibley the new year. Westport wanted to gather to visit and catch up on how everyone was managing being in various phases of quarantine.

Thirty nine of us gathered at the Swalheim farm to visit and catch up on how everyone was managing. It was a different picnic than before. No food, or beverages were furnished by the club. We brought our own chairs and food/drink if we wanted.

The weather was beautiful and Dewey and Candy had the perfect setting for this. It was warm but beautiful weather, nice breeze circulation through the farm building. Thank you Dewey and Candy. You helped in a big way to make this happen.

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